Discover the Secret Recipe for Natural Pectin Jam Today!

Hark! Good people, I bid thee welcome to a recipe that shall please thee in all respects. Forsooth, it is a low sugar natural pectin jam recipe, crafted with great care and nourishing ingredients that provide thee with health and taste.

As a nutritionist and food blogger, I have paid heed to the needs of my readers and have come up with a recipe that shall satiate thy taste buds without compromising on thy well-being. This jam recipe is not only gluten-free and dairy-free but also low in sugar.

With summertime in full swing, one doth yearn for jams to go with thy breakfast toast, scones or yogurt parfaits. Fear not, for this jam recipe shall live up to thine expectations of taste and health.

Verily, the key ingredient of this recipe is natural fruit pectin that giveth the jam its desired consistency without relying on excessive amounts of sugar. Moreover, the sweet fruity flavor stems from succulent berries and fruits like nectarines, plums, strawberries and granny smith apples.

And lo! The preparation method is so simple that even amateur cooks can try their hand at it. It calls for minimal ingredients but maximum flavor potential. This homemade natural pectin jam shall make thee rethink store-bought jams as they are often laden with preservatives and artificial flavors.

Now let us delve into the recipe details and bring forth a concoction that thou shalt cherish for months to come.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Low Sugar Natural Pectin Jam
Low Sugar Natural Pectin Jam

Ah, dear reader! Allow me to wax poetic about a recipe that will surely delight thy tastebuds and bring thou joy. This low sugar natural pectin jam recipe is a marvel in the world of jams and jellies, for it combines the sweetness of fresh fruit with the health benefits of reduced sugar.

My friends, imagine a jar of homemade strawberry jam without the guilt of added sugars. Yes, ’tis true! With this recipe, thou canst make a delectable jam without pectin or extra sugar. Instead, the recipe uses natural pectin from Granny Smith apples and lemon juice to set the jam.

So why wilt thou love this recipe? I say thee – for too long have we been prisoners to high-sugar jams that we know are not good for us. ‘Tis time to break free! This recipe allows for an indulgence in fruit jams without compromising on health and nutrition.

And let me not forget the versatility of this recipe – it can be made with any fruit of thy choice! Berries, nectarines, plums, you name it. Thou canst even mix and match fruits to create unique flavor combinations. Oh, sweet reader, let thy creativity soar!

In conclusion, my dear reader – this low sugar natural pectin jam recipe is sure to impress thee and all those who taste it. It offers a healthier alternative to traditional jams without sacrificing flavor or texture. It’s time to ditch the store-bought jams with added sugars and embrace this homemade goodness instead!

Ingredient List

 Perfectly sweet without the added sugar!
Perfectly sweet without the added sugar!

Here are the Ingredients you’ll be needing for the Low Sugar Natural Pectin Jam Recipe:

  • 4 cups of Crushed Strawberries (1.25 kg / 2.76 lb)
  • 1/4 cup of Lemon Juice (60 ml)
  • Pectin Sweetener:
    • Option 1: Pomona Pectin – Pectin Ingredients (2 teaspoons) + Calcium Water (2 teaspoons). You will need additional 5 teaspoons of pectin powder and 1/2 to 1 cup of honey or sugar depending on your sweetness preference.
    • Option 2: Low Sugar Pectin – follow the package directions for ingredients
  • Fruit Juice: Strawberry Jam – None needed. Other jams: If using a fruit low in pectin, you will require an additional lemon juice or fruit juice addition (such as apple or grape juice) to aid the process.
  • Sugar:
    • Strawberry Jam with sugar – 3 cups of sugar needed
    • Low sugar strawberry jam – 1/2 to 1 cup of sugar or honey necessary, depending on your sweetness preference.
  • Hot Water – Cover jars with this when canning
  • Optional Ingredients: Berries (blackberries, raspberries), Nectarines, Plums, Apricots, etc. can be used in place of all or part of strawberries. Brown sugar can also be used in the recipe to achieve a different taste.

The Recipe How-To

 Let's jam out with this low-sugar recipe!
Let’s jam out with this low-sugar recipe!

Now, let’s get to the fun part – making your very own low sugar natural pectin jam recipe! Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a delicious and healthy spread for your morning toast or anything in between.


  • 4 cups of crushed strawberries
  • 1/4 cup of lemon juice
  • 1/2 to 1 cup of sugar (use closer to 1/2 cup for very ripe and sweet strawberries, or up to 1 cup for less ripe or tart berries)
  • 1 tablespoon of pectin powder
  • Pomona’s Universal Pectin package, which includes both pectin and a packet of calcium powder


  1. Sterilize your jars by boiling them for at least 10 minutes in water. Keep them hot in a warm oven, around 200°F/93°C or so.
  2. Clean your berries and crush them in a large bowl with a potato masher or in a food processor (use the pulse button so you don’t make fruit puree).
  3. In another bowl or glass measuring cup, mix together the pectin powder and one teaspoon of the calcium powder from the Pomona’s package.
  4. In a large pot, stir together the fruit juice and remaining calcium powder, then add in the crushed fruit and stir again to mix everything together.
  5. Over medium-high heat bring the fruit mixture up to a boil then add any sweetener required for your recipe.
  6. Slowly pour in the pectin-calcium mixture into the pot while stirring constantly with a whisk until it all dissolves into fruit mixture.
  7. Bring this jam mixture back up to a boil over medium heat, stirring consistently to avoid any burning on the bottom. Once you see the mixture reaching a boil, turn off heat.
  8. Ladle jam into your hot sterilized jars until there’s about 1/4 inch of headspace left in each jar.
  9. Wipe the rims of the jars with a damp kitchen towel to clean up any spilling or stickiness, top with lids and screw the rings onto just fingertip-tight.
  10. Finally, boil these filled jars in a water canner for 10 minutes (or more), as per your altitude above sea level.

Congratulations! You’ve just made your own healthy, low sugar natural pectin jam recipe!

Substitutions and Variations

 No need to sacrifice taste for a healthier option.
No need to sacrifice taste for a healthier option.

Hark! I understand that thou art looking to modify this low sugar natural pectin jam recipe. Fear not, for the possibilities are endless! Here are some tasty substitutions and variations that may interest you.

– Berries: Instead of just strawberries, try using a mix of other berries such as raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries. This shall introduce a new layer of fruity sweetness to the jam.

– Nectarines and Plums: Speaking of variety, why limit yourself to just berries? You can also incorporate other juicy fruits like nectarines or plums for a unique flavor.

– Sugar Alternatives: For those seeking sugar-free or low-carb options, it is possible to swap out cane or brown sugar for more natural sweeteners, like honey or maple syrup. However, the amount of fruit pectin needed shall increase significantly in order to set the jam properly.

– Lemon Juice: Lemon juice adds some zip to this recipe but additionally you can experiment with other citrus juices such as lime or orange for an exotic essence.

– Pomona Pectin: Several people dislike using commercial pectins because it has chemicals in it. Do not worry gentle cook, I have an excellent substitution– Pomona Pectin. This organic product uses pectin powder derived from citrus fruit peels as its base ingredient and possesses stupendously remarkable outcomes .

Remember that jam-making is all about experimentation and finding a delightful taste that satisfies thy cravings. I bid thee well on thy jamsome journey.

Serving and Pairing

 Straight from the garden to your jar!
Straight from the garden to your jar!

of the Recipe article sections:

Now that you have your lovely, low-sugar natural pectin jam all cooked up and ready to go, it’s time to talk about how to serve and pair this delicious spread. This jam is a perfect addition to any breakfast table, whether you’re serving up toast with butter or pancakes with syrup. Simply spoon some of the jam onto your dish and enjoy the natural sweetness of the berries, nectarines or plums.

If you’re feeling adventurous, this jam is also fabulous in savory dishes. Try using it as a glaze for roasted chicken or pork. The touch of fruitiness will add a unique flavor profile to your proteins that your taste buds will love!

For those who enjoy cheese platters, grab some good-quality cheeses like brie or cheddar, a few crackers or slices of bread, and some fresh fruit rounds. Add a dollop of this delicious homemade strawberry jam to complete the spread – it’s sure to be a hit with your guests.

Looking for new ideas for breakfast? Use your low sugar natural pectin jam as topping for overnight oats or granola cereal bowls! For an alternative sweet dessert option, pair this jam with plain Greek yogurt for a light and refreshing mid-day snack.

With its fresh, fruity taste and all-natural ingredients, this versatile and healthy homemade strawberry jam finds its place in both sweet and savory dishes alike – just let your imagination run wild!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

 Jam that's the real deal - all natural and packed with flavor.
Jam that’s the real deal – all natural and packed with flavor.

Ah, fair reader, thou hast now mastered the art of creating a low sugar pectin jam with thy culinary prowess! But what of the storing and reheating, you ask? Fret not, for I shall provide guidance.

As with many jams, this delectable concoction may be stored in an airtight container or jar, proper for its size. Indeed, this jam doth enjoy a shelf life of several weeks in a cool and dark place. Soon enough, your taste buds will long to be reunited with thee!

Should you desire to make jam ahead of time to save time when preparing breakfast, brunch or teatime snacks, this recipe allows for it. For instance, thou canst make the jam on the weekend and keep it safe in the fridge before spreading it on thy toast during the weekday hustle.

A midsummer night’s dream where thou hast guests to entertain? Fear not! This flavorful jar of goodness can be preserved for months as well. Thou canst always double the recipe if thou wish to stock up on thy preferred flavors. One must keep in mind that if left untouched for more than a month or so, it might lose its savoury touch. Therefore it is recommended that thee consume it within two weeks from opening the jar.

When it comes to reheating, one must take special care so as not to scorch or burn the delightful mixture. Simply transfer a portion of your jam into small bowl and heat it gently in thy desired medium such as microwave or double boiler. Stir frequently so that thee are sure that hath reached your desired warmth without incineration. It is essential though while reheating ensure that there is no mold growth at all.

So there ye have it – storing and reheating tips to prolong the exquisite experience of this beloved condiment by thee and thy loved ones! Rejoice and indulge in all its glory!

Tips for Perfect Results

 Homemade and healthy - what could be better?
Homemade and healthy – what could be better?

Cooking jams at home can be an exciting process, especially when it’s made with low sugar pectin. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there are always tips that can take your jam game to the next level. Here I present some ideas on how to get the perfect results with this Low Sugar Natural Pectin Jam Recipe.

1. Use Fresh Ingredients:

The quality of the ingredients used for the recipe is the most crucial factor that affects its outcome. Use fresh fruits that are in season for best results. Make sure to wash and dry them thoroughly.

2. Crush Your Berries Well:

A good texture is key to a great jam, so make sure to crush your berries well. It will help release their natural pectin and give your jam a better consistency.

3. Be Precise in Measurements:

Jams rely heavily on proper measurements of ingredients to set up correctly, which ensures that you have a perfectly gelled jam. Therefore, use measuring cups or weight your fruit accurately.

4. Don’t Overcook Your Jam:

It’s easy to overcook jam, leading to loss of flavor, color, and texture, and potentially ruining it altogether. Cook the mixture until it reaches a temperature around 215º F (102º C) and not beyond.

5. Skim off the Froth:

Once your jam starts boiling, you may notice a frothy layer appearing on top. Skim it off or stir it in after you remove the pan from heat because it impairs clarity and shelf life.

6. Sterilize Your Jars:

Sterilize your jars and utensils before use by simmering them in hot water or baking them in an oven at 225º F for ten minutes without preheating.

By following these handy tips, you’re more likely to achieve perfect results while making this delicious Low Sugar Natural Pectin Jam Recipe!


But before we move on to the conclusion, let’s take a moment to address some frequently asked questions about this low sugar natural pectin jam recipe.

What happens if you use less sugar when making jam?

Insufficient sugar can lead to a jam or jelly with a thin and watery consistency.

Can I use low sugar pectin for regular jam?

When using low sugar powdered pectin in jam making, it is important to note that while it functions like regular powdered pectin, it will result in a less sweet jam. It is advisable to avoid adding the same amount of sugar as before, as this may affect the jam’s setting ability.

Can you reduce the sugar in homemade jam?

To achieve the perfect texture in jams and jellies, sugar plays a significant role in the gel formation process. However, the use of specific commercial pectins can potentially reduce or even eliminate the need for sugar.

How do you thicken jam with less sugar?

Looking for a way to thicken your jams, sauces, soups or glazes? Cornstarch is a widely used option as a thickening agent. It’s an excellent choice for recipes with less sugar or fruits that don’t naturally contain much sugar or pectin.

Will pectin set without sugar?

No Sugar Needed Pectin is an exclusive ingredient that gives you the freedom to select the kind and quantity of sweetener you prefer for your fruit spreads. It differs from other pectins as it does not mandate a large amount of sugar to thicken. You have the option to exclude sugar entirely or add regular sugar, honey or any sweetener of your choice.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this low sugar natural pectin jam recipe is an excellent way to enjoy the sweetness of fruits without the guilt of added sugar. By using natural pectin and minimal sugar, you can preserve your fruits’ natural sweetness while indulging in a delicious jam or jelly spread.

With strawberries, nectarines, plums, or berries, you can create your favorite flavors of jam without the need for pectin powder or added sugars. Plus, with substitutions and variations available, you can tailor this recipe to fit your preferences and dietary needs.

So why not give this recipe a try? It’s easy to make, healthy, and perfect for those who crave a sweet spread but want to avoid added sugars. Make sure to follow these simple steps and tips for perfect results!

Now it’s time to get jamming and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Low Sugar Natural Pectin Jam

Low Sugar Natural Pectin Jam Recipe

I got the original idea for this recipe from Ina Garten of the Food Network; she made a similar jam using apples for pectin, but with much more sugar. I incorporated some low-sugar jam recipes to come up with this one. It's really more of a "fruit butter" because it lacks the clear jelly-like appearance of jam -- it's more thick & opaque, but I use it as a jam. Delicious and healthy! [Edit: recently made this with thinly sliced oranges & their grated zest for marmalade - worked well!]
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Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 45 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Healthy
Servings 4 cups
Calories 15.2 kcal


  • 8 8 cups plums (could experiment with other fruits) or 8 cups nectarines (could experiment with other fruits)
  • 1 cup sugar, divided (you might even be able to use less, but try it this way the first time)
  • 2 medium granny smith apples (use only Granny Smith type for maximum pectin content)
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice, fresh or bottled


  • Place a small saucer in the freezer to chill for later testing of jam thickness. In large deep heavy skillet (preferably NOT non-stick), or your widest heavy-bottom sauce pan, sprinkle cleaned berries or other sliced fruit with 3/4 cup of the sugar. Mash coarsely and let sit 15 minutes to "juice".
  • Bring fruit mixture to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally. Boil 15 minutes - hard enough to bubble but not splatter, stirring occasionally & skimming any foam off.
  • Meanwhile, peel, core & grate apples.
  • Stir in apples, lemon juice & remaining 1/4 cup sugar & keep boiling, stirring more often now & scraping bottom of pan to prevent sticking.
  • Cook this way until thickened, about 20-45 more minutes (depends on ripeness of fruit, altitude, etc).
  • Test by placing a small drop of jam on the chilled plate from the freezer and let it sit a minute; when properly thickened, the jam should not run at all when plate is tilted at a steep angle.
  • If not thick enough, let it cook longer -- it will get there eventually!
  • Ladle hot jam into half-pint canning jars (they're heat-proof) and put the lids on hand-tight. Because this jam has less sugar, it's best to use half-pint (1 cup) or smaller jars, because it may spoil quicker once opened. You can either store the jars as-is in the freezer once cooled, or you may can them by submerging hot jars immediately in boiling water for 10 minutes.
  • If you don't have canning jars, let jam cool in the covered pan until room temperature. Ladle into plastic or other containers (1 cup volume each or smaller), and store in freezer.

Add Your Own Notes


Serving: 9gCalories: 15.2kcalCarbohydrates: 3.9gSodium: 0.1mgFiber: 0.1gSugar: 3.7g
Keyword < 60 Mins, For Large Groups, Fruit
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