Delicious and Healthy Natural Guacamole Recipe

Let me ask you something, my dear foodies. What’s better than a rich, creamy guacamole to make any dish better? Not much, right? That’s why I’m here today to share with you the best ever guacamole recipe: Natural Guacamole With Fresh Ingredients!

This homemade guacamole is made with traditional ingredients such as Hass avocados, ripe tomatoes, and fresh cilantro leaves, but it also has some unique aspects that will make it stand out from any other recipe you’ve tried before.

Our recipe is not only easy to follow but also packed with healthy organic ingredients. We prioritize using gluten-free and dairy-free options so that everyone can enjoy it without worries.

Whether it’s game day, a party or a lazy Sunday afternoon snack, this authentic guacamole is versatile and always hits the spot. Are you convinced yet? Great! Let’s dive into the ingredients and get started on making this unbeatable recipe!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Natural Guacamole With Fresh Ingredients
Natural Guacamole With Fresh Ingredients

Greetings, food enthusiasts! I am thrilled to walk you through the ins and outs of this natural guacamole recipe — a divine combination of fresh ingredients that is sure to win your heart.

First of all, let me begin by stating the obvious: who doesn’t love guacamole? It’s a classic and beloved dip that keeps us coming back for more. But this isn’t just any guacamole recipe. What sets this one apart is its use of natural, organic ingredients that ensure you’re getting a taste of actual food, not just chemicals and preservatives.

We take pride in using only the best quality ingredients for this recipe. The Hass avocados are perfectly ripe to provide that creamy, dreamy texture that everyone loves. The roma tomatoes are juicy and bursting with flavor, while the freshly squeezed lime juice adds a tangy touch that will make your taste buds sing.

What’s also great about this recipe is its versatility. Whether you’re serving it at a party or having a low-key movie night with loved ones, this guacamole pairs perfectly with tortilla chips or served as a side dish to any meal.

But perhaps best of all is knowing that you’re making something healthy without sacrificing flavor. This natural guacamole recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, and full of healthy fats from the avocados and extra virgin olive oil.

So go ahead and give it a try! A bowl of fresh, homemade guacamole made with only the most wholesome ingredients can help you achieve that “holy guacamole” moment we all crave. Trust me, once you’ve tried this recipe, you’ll never want to go back to store-bought again.

Ingredient List

 Fresh and flavorful guacamole that's all about the ingredients
Fresh and flavorful guacamole that’s all about the ingredients

Natural Guacamole With Fresh Ingredients Recipe


  • 3 ripe Hass avocados
  • 1 small white onion, finely diced
  • 1 roma tomato, finely chopped
  • ¼ cup fresh cilantro leaves, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 jalapeno pepper, cored and finely diced
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • Salt and pepper to taste

This natural guacamole recipe requires simple and fresh ingredients that can be found at any local grocery store. You only need 3 ripe avocados, juicy roma tomatoes, a red-hot chili pepper called jalapeno, freshly squeezed lime juice, and a touch of salt and pepper for flavor. Don’t forget to mince up some fragrant garlic cloves and finely dice a white onion to add some texture to your homemade guacamole masterpiece. Lastly, sprinkle some fresh cilantro leaves for aroma, garnish, and a burst of citrusy flavor.

The Recipe How-To

 Simply perfect with just avocado, tomato, and lime juice
Simply perfect with just avocado, tomato, and lime juice

Now that we’ve covered the ingredients for this delicious, healthy and easy guacamole recipe, it’s time to dive into the how-to!

Step 1: Preparing the Avocados

Start by slicing each ripe avocado in half lengthwise. Remove the pit by gently tapping it with a sharp knife blade, twisting and pulling it out. Carefully remove the avocado flesh from the peel and put it into a mixing bowl.

Step 2: Mashing the Avocados

Using a fork or a potato masher, mash the avocado until it reaches your desired consistency – chunky or smooth. For traditional guacamole made with mashed avocados, aim for a slightly chunky consistency.

Step 3: Adding the Finely Chopped Ingredients

Add 1/4 cup of finely diced red onion, 1/4 cup of diced roma tomatoes and 2 tablespoons of minced fresh cilantro leaves into the mixing bowl.

Step 4: Seasoning and Mixing

Add the juice of one lime, two minced garlic cloves, 1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt and 1/4 teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper. Mix everything well until all ingredients are fully combined.

Step 5: Taste and Adjust Seasonings

Give your guacamole a taste test! If you want more salt or lime juice, add it in small amounts and keep tasting until you reach your desired flavor.

Step 6: Chill and Serve

Transfer your guacamole to a serving dish or air-tight container if making ahead of time. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and chill for at least an hour in the refrigerator to let all flavors combine. Serve cold with tortilla chips as a dip or alongside your favorite dishes.

Pro Tip: Want to make sure you have perfectly ripe avocados every time? Check out my guide on how to choose, ripen and store avocados to make the best ever guacamole!

Substitutions and Variations

 Healthy, gluten-free, and dairy-free
Healthy, gluten-free, and dairy-free

Like all recipes, this natural guacamole recipe is customizable to suit your tastes and preferences. Here are some ideas for substitutions and variations that you can try out:

– Avocado: You need avocados to make guacamole, but if ripe avocados are not available, you can use unripe ones instead. Simply leave them out at room temperature for a few days until they ripen. Alternatively, you can use pre-made mashed avocado to save time.

– Tomato: Roma tomatoes are the best choice for this recipe because of their firm flesh, which gives the guacamole a nice texture. However, you can use any type of tomato you like – even cherry tomatoes or sun-dried tomatoes – as long as they are diced finely.

– Onion: White or red onions work great in this recipe. If you don’t have either of them, you can substitute with shallots, chives or scallions for a milder flavor.

– Cilantro: If you’re one of those who dislike cilantro’s distinctive taste, simply exclude it from your guacamole. You can use fresh parsley or basil as an alternative herb.

– Lime Juice: Freshly squeezed lime juice is important because it adds a tangy freshness to the guacamole. If limes are not available in your area, bottled lime juice may be used cautiously.

– Salt: Kosher salt adds flavor and helps bring out the bright flavors of the other ingredients in the recipe. It’s important to add the right amount according to your preference.

– Jalapeño Pepper: This pepper adds heat and extra flavour to the guacamole. If you’re sensitive to spicy food or looking for a milder version without compromising flavour, use bell pepper instead.

Remember that half the fun of making guacamole is experimenting with different ingredients combinations and tweaking proportions based on your own preferences!

Serving and Pairing

 Creamy texture and zesty flavor that will impress everyone
Creamy texture and zesty flavor that will impress everyone

Goodness, what a relief to reach the serving and pairing part, where the real fun begins! It’s said that every cloud has a silver lining, and I can happily attest that this section is an absolute delight, as we look at suggestions on how to present this tasty natural guacamole recipe.

First of all, it is important to note that the best way to serve guacamole is fresh out of the bowl. You want your guests to be able to scoop as much or little as they want onto their chips, in order not to waste even a sliver of this delicious dip. Tortilla chips are a classic accompaniment, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can serve your homemade guacamole with vegetable sticks, crackers or pita bread.

If you really want to impress your guests with a flavor explosion, try serving it with my favorite drink- margaritas! The cool sour taste of lime will complement the rich and creamy texture of the guacamole perfectly. You could also serve crispy tacos or burritos alongside your guacamole for a complete Mexican feast.

Another serving option is “guac-ception” where you make small bite-size cups using lettuce leaves or cucumber slices and fill them with a dollop of fresh guacamole for easy elegant appetizers.

As for pairings, this natural guacamole is versatile enough to accompany several dishes so why not add it as a side dish for grilled chicken or fish? You could also spread it over toast in place of butter for added nutrition in your breakfast. Overall there are endless possibilities when it comes to pairing this mouth-watering dip!

Remember not to be shy with your serving – generously pile up mountains of this homemade guacamole onto each plate or bowl and let everyone dig in and indulge in its rich flavor. After all, part of the joy of cooking is sharing it with those around you!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

 Ideal to serve as a dip, spread or topping for your favorite dishes
Ideal to serve as a dip, spread or topping for your favorite dishes

When it comes to guacamole, it’s not always easy to plan ahead. However, if you do find yourself with a bit of extra time, you can definitely make your guacamole ahead of time and store it until it’s ready to serve. The good news is that homemade guacamole will keep for several days in the refrigerator, so you can easily make it a day or two before a party or gathering.

To make guacamole ahead of time, simply cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate until you’re ready to serve. Be sure to press the plastic wrap directly onto the surface of the guacamole to prevent it from turning brown. When it’s time to serve, give the guacamole a good stir and add an extra sprinkle of lime juice if needed.

If you have leftovers, no worries! Guacamole does tend to turn brown over time due to oxidation, but there are some tricks to keep it looking fresh. One idea is to squeeze a little bit of lime juice on top of the leftovers and then cover them with plastic wrap. This will help slow down the oxidation process and keep the guacamole green for longer.

When reheating guacamole, there are some things you need to keep in mind. For starters, you should never reheat your guacamole in the microwave or oven as this can cause it to become watery and lose its texture. Instead, try warming it up gently on the stove over low heat, stirring occasionally until heated through.

As for storing any leftover guacamole, I recommend transferring it into an airtight container before placing it in the refrigerator. This will help prevent air from getting in and causing it to spoil faster. Whether you’re making guacamole for a party or just want a healthy snack option available throughout the week, these tips will help you ensure your homemade guacamole stays fresh and delicious every time.

Tips for Perfect Results

 This guacamole is a great way to add healthy fats and vitamins to your diet
This guacamole is a great way to add healthy fats and vitamins to your diet

Preparing the ultimate guacamole is not rocket science, but it does require expertise and experience to lift a regular best guacamole recipe to a whole new level. Any self-proclaimed chef can make guacamole without breaking a sweat, even with healthy guacamole ingredients. However, achieving the perfect consistency with the right texture, flavor, and aroma is a feat that demands a bit of creativity and mastery.

Here are some tips for preparing guacamole that will leave your friends and family blown away:

1. Choose Ripe Avocados

Choosing ripe Hass avocados is paramount to making excellent guacamole. The secret behind the best ever guacamole is finding avocados that are soft and yielding, but not overly mushy or brown. To determine ripeness, gently press the fruit’s top by applying medium pressure with your fingertips; if it gives softly on the outside but still holds up inside, then you have a perfectly ripe avocado for your homemade guacamole.

2. Add Other Ingredients Slowly

When adding onions, tomatoes, garlic cloves or any other ingredients to your traditional guacamole made with fresh cilantro leaves, always do it gradually. Adding ingredients slowly helps you find the perfect flavor you want in your guacamole recipe.

3. Avoid Overmixing the Ingredients

Overworking the avocado mixture can be disastrous for your creamy guacamole recipe resulting in an unappetizing dip-that’s-just-falling apart abomination. It’s also crucial to remember not to over-mash avocados. Mix them until everything looks nicely blended thoroughly.

4. Use Fresh Lime Juice

Fresh lime juice instead of bottled lime juice will give your homemade guacamole recipe the bright citrus tone that makes it so refreshing.

5. Season Liberally

To achieve delicious and tangy taste 1, add 1 tablespoon of minced garlic cloves and ¼ cup of fresh lime juice, two cloves of fresh minced garlic, 1 teaspoon kosher salt, and 4 tablespoons of finely chopped cilantro.

6. Experiment with Spice

A bit of jalapeno pepper adds some heat to your guacamole, but if you’re trying to make an easy guacamole dip, remember that not everyone likes the spice. If you want to add a little kick to your recipe, chop up some jalapeño pepper or sprinkle some red pepper flakes.

7. Serve or Store Immediately

Fresh guacamole is best served immediately after preparation, but if that’s not possible, store it in an airtight container with plastic wrap pushed down onto the surface of the mixture to prevent oxidation.

With these simple tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll quickly master the art of making the perfect guacamole every single time. So grab a bag of tortilla chips and get ready to dazzle your friends and family with your new-found skills!


As a nutritionist cum food blogger, I am always getting questions about the recipes shared on my blog. Therefore, I have compiled a list of the most common questions and concerns that I receive regularly from my readers in hopes to provide more insight on this delicious guacamole recipe. Read on for answers to FAQs that include substitutions, storing and reheating your homemade guac and much more!

How to make a real guacamole?

Let’s start by taking three ripe avocados and cutting them in half. Remove the pit and transfer the creamy green fruit into a mixing bowl. Using a fork, mash the avocados to the consistency you prefer — smooth or a bit chunky. After that, add a handful of finely diced onions, some juicy tomatoes, fragrant cilantro, spicy jalapeno pepper, minced garlic, zesty lime juice, and a pinch of salt. Give everything a good stir, and voila! You have a delicious and nutritious guacamole dip.

Can you make guacamole with raw avocado?

Believe it or not, your Guacamole can still be utterly delicious even if you use semi-unripe avocados. Many people think unripe avocados are unbearably tasteless, but with enough salt and lime juice, you can create an equally appetizing dish that most people won’t even notice the difference.

What do you put in guacamole to keep it fresh?

To keep your guacamole fresh for longer, create a protective barrier by pouring a thin layer of either water or lemon/lime juice over it. After that, cover the dish with plastic wrap, pressing it down to remove air pockets or you can also transfer it to an airtight container. Place it in the refrigerator to chill. This will keep your guacamole from turning brown and will maintain its freshness for a longer time.

What is traditional guacamole made of?

Guacamole, in its traditional form, is a plant-based recipe that is uncomplicated and refreshing. The ingredients used are simple, and it is free from any added fillers or preservatives. The main ingredients, ripe avocados and salt, are mashed together using a mortar and pestle. The additional ingredients usually include lime juice, onions, cilantro, and jalapeños. The end result should be a deliciously fresh guacamole.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this natural guacamole with fresh ingredients recipe is not only delicious but also healthy and nutritious. It’s free from gluten, dairy and any other artificial additives, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to enjoy a healthy dip without compromising on taste. The ingredients are easily available from your local grocery store or farmer’s market, so you won’t have to go out of your way to find them.

By making this guacamole recipe, you’ll be able to take control of what goes into your food and avoid unhealthy preservatives and chemicals that are often present in store-bought dips. Plus, you can customize the recipe to suit your taste preferences and dietary needs.

So what are you waiting for? Whip up a batch of this fresh and easy guacamole dip for your next gathering or snack time. Your taste buds will thank you, and your body will thank you too!

Natural Guacamole With Fresh Ingredients

Natural Guacamole With Fresh Ingredients Recipe

This guacamole is what everyone asks me to make when they have a party. I am starting think they are using me for this recipe. I have always hated to go to parties where the guacamole is made out of a mix or it has sour cream in it. If you like those kind of dips then this recipe is not for you. For proper execution of this recipe please use the freshest ingredients as possible and try to keep the Avocado in chunks. Avocados should be ripe and preferably Haas but due to regional problems that might not be possible. The cilantro should be fresh not dried. The Olive Oils is purely for texture and adds very little to the taste of the dip. It is optional.
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Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 0 mins
Course Appetizer
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 5 cups
Calories 162.4 kcal


  • 3 Hass avocadoes
  • 1 onion white
  • 1 -2 jalapeno
  • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro leaves
  • 3 -4 roma tomatoes
  • 3 minced garlic cloves
  • 1 lime, juice of
  • pepper
  • salt
  • olive oil


  • Scoop out the flesh of the avocados into a large mixing bowl. Tip: to safely get the pit out the avocado give the pit a firm tap with the blade of you knife and twist it out the fruit. To remove the now stuck pit pinch it off from the back of the blade.
  • Give the avocado flesh a good stir to break it up. There should be mostly large chunks at this point.
  • Dice the onion. Place in the bowl.
  • Chop the jalapeno fine. 2 if you like it spicy. Place in bowl.
  • Rough chop the cilantro. Place in bowl.
  • Dice the tomatoes. Place in bowl.
  • Put the minced garlic in the bowl as well.
  • Mix with a fork. Large chunks should start to disappear but it should still be chunky.
  • Taste the dip and then a dd the lime, pepper and salt to taste.
  • If the Guacamole is not smooth enough for you then feel free to add about 1 to 2 tbsp of olive oil to smooth out the dip.

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Serving: 96gCalories: 162.4kcalCarbohydrates: 11.7gProtein: 2.3gFat: 13.4gSaturated Fat: 1.9gSodium: 9.7mgFiber: 6.7gSugar: 2.1g
Keyword < 30 Mins, Egg-free, Free Of..., Lactose-free, Mexican, Vegan
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