Mouth-Watering Vegan Dessert – Banana ‘Ice Cream’ Recipe

Greetings foodies and health enthusiasts! With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to indulge in some delicious frozen treats. But what if I told you that you can enjoy a refreshing bowl of ice cream without any guilt or negative impact on your health? Yes, you heard it right! Today, I am excited to share with you my recipe for vegan banana ‘ice cream,’ which is not only healthy but also incredibly easy to make.

This recipe is a game-changer for everyone who loves ice cream but is looking for a healthier alternative. It is made with simple and clean ingredients, and it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan-friendly. The best part is that it tastes just like real ice cream and can be customized with your favorite flavors.

Bananas are the star ingredient of this recipe, providing natural sweetness and creaminess without the need for heavy creams or refined sugars. By incorporating healthier ingredients like dates, almond milk, almond butter, and maple syrup, we create a luscious and creamy texture that will satisfy your sweet cravings while nourishing your body.

With no ice cream maker required, all you need is a food processor or blender to turn frozen bananas into a silky smooth treat in just five minutes. Plus, experimenting with various toppings like fresh berries, nuts, chocolate chips or raspberry sauce, makes it even more tempting!

This vegan banana ‘ice cream’ is an impressive way to cool down on hot summer days while staying healthy at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Grab your bananas and get ready for some “nice” cream!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Vegan Banana 'ice Cream' - Gluten Free
Vegan Banana ‘ice Cream’ – Gluten Free

This vegan banana ice cream is a game-changer for all the ice cream lovers out there who crave for delicious frozen treats but without the guilt. Trust me, it’s impossible not to love this dessert recipe!

First of all, this recipe is entirely plant-based and free from any animal products or by-products making it ideal for vegans or anyone looking for a healthier alternative to ice cream. It’s also gluten-free and dairy-free, so those with dietary restrictions can enjoy it too.

Secondly, this banana ice cream comes together in just five minutes with only 5 simple ingredients – frozen bananas, almond milk, almond butter, dates and maple syrup – that you can easily find in your pantry. There is no need to churn the mixture, put it in an ice cream maker or wait for hours – this dessert comes together quickly and effortlessly.

Thirdly, even though it’s technically not ice cream because it doesn’t contain cream, it has the same creamy texture and is indistinguishable from traditional ice cream. The natural sweetness of ripe bananas paired with a hint of maple syrup satisfies even the most stubborn sweet tooth while being a healthier alternative to store-bought or processed ice creams.

Finally, you can make endless variations of this recipe by adding different flavors like peanut butter, chocolate chips, strawberries or raspberry puree. You can even serve it as a soft serve on top of a warm brownie or sandwiched between two cookies – sky’s the limit!

In summary, Vegan Banana ‘ice Cream’ made with simple ingredients is a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional ice cream that satisfies your sweet cravings in less than 5 minutes. With endless flavor variations and adaptability to dietary restrictions like gluten-free and dairy-free – you won’t regret giving this recipe a try!

Ingredient List

 Creamy vegan banana ice cream, the perfect gluten-free treat!
Creamy vegan banana ice cream, the perfect gluten-free treat!

Let’s start with the Ingredient List, where we’re going to need very few ingredients to make this delicious vegan banana ‘ice cream’. This recipe only requires three ripe bananas, two tablespoons of almond butter (you can also use peanut butter instead), and two tablespoons of unsweetened almond milk. It’s up to you to decide the sweetness that you want to add, but we’ll suggest adding a couple of dates or a tablespoon of maple syrup to give it that little extra touch. Don’t worry! we’re keeping it completely plant-based and dairy-free, and gluten-free too!

You might have noticed that we emphasized ‘ripe’ bananas. The best bananas for this recipe are ripe ones; they should be yellow, spotted or brown on the skin. These bananas are sweeter and softer than unripe ones, which makes them perfect for turning into creamy banana ‘ice cream’.

The Recipe How-To

 Is it possible to make ice cream from bananas? Yes, it is and it's delicious!
Is it possible to make ice cream from bananas? Yes, it is and it’s delicious!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

To make this vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free banana ‘ice cream’, you’ll only need a few simple ingredients. You’ll need ripe bananas (best if they are frozen), almond butter, dates, and a touch of almond milk.

Pro-tip: Make sure that the bananas are very ripe before you freeze them – this will ensure maximum sweetness and creaminess in your ‘ice cream’!

Step 2: Process the Bananas

Place one to two cups of sliced, frozen bananas in your food processor or blender. Process until chunky, then scrape down the sides. Repeat this process until the bananas become smooth and creamy. This may take up to 5 minutes, depending on your machine.

Pro-tip: If your blender or food processor seems to be struggling, add a splash of almond milk to help it along.

Step 3: Add Almond Butter and Dates

Next, add in two tablespoons of unsweetened almond butter and two to three pitted dates. Process again until fully combined.

Step 4: Adjust Sweetness and Texture

Taste test your mixture and adjust the sweetness or texture to your liking. If it’s not sweet enough, add another date or some maple syrup.

Pro-tip: For a creamier texture, add a splash of almond milk.

Step 5: Freeze the Mixture

Transfer the mixture into an air-tight container and place it in the freezer for about two hours, or until firm enough to scoop.

Pro-tip: To speed up the process, spread the mixture out onto a baking sheet before freezing.

That’s it! You’ve just created a healthy alternative to ice cream that’s perfect for anyone following a vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free diet.

Substitutions and Variations

 Two ingredients, no added sugar, and naturally gluten-free, what else can you ask for?
Two ingredients, no added sugar, and naturally gluten-free, what else can you ask for?

If you’re looking to mix things up or need substitutions to accommodate certain dietary needs, there are plenty of options for making this banana ice cream recipe your own.

– Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream: Swap out the almond butter for peanut butter, and you’ve got a totally different flavor profile. This variation is perfect for peanut butter lovers!

– Raspberry Banana Ice Cream: Add in 1 cup of frozen raspberries to the food processor or blender along with the frozen bananas for a sweet and tangy twist.

– Chocolate Banana Ice Cream: To make this classic combination, add 2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder to the food processor or blender along with the frozen bananas. You can also swirl in chocolate chips or drizzle with chocolate sauce.

– Strawberry Banana Ice Cream: For a fruity and refreshing take on banana ice cream, add in 1 cup of frozen strawberries along with the frozen bananas.

– Coconut Milk Banana Ice Cream: Swap out the almond milk for full-fat coconut milk to create a creamier, richer version of this recipe. This variation is great if you’re looking for a plant-based dessert that’s higher in healthy fats.

– Soft Serve Banana Ice Cream: If you prefer a softer consistency, simply blend the frozen bananas until they resemble soft serve ice cream. No need to freeze again!

– Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches: Spread your favorite nut butter (like almond or peanut butter) on a slice of gluten-free bread and top with a scoop of banana ice cream. Top with another slice of bread to make a delicious and healthy ice cream sandwich.

These variations and substitutions are just a few ideas to get you started. Feel free to experiment with different fruits, nut butters, milks, and mix-ins (like chopped nuts or shredded coconut) to create your perfect flavor combination. The possibilities are endless!

Serving and Pairing

 Just blend frozen bananas and a splash of almond milk to have a healthy ice cream alternative.
Just blend frozen bananas and a splash of almond milk to have a healthy ice cream alternative.

Once you have made this beautiful vegan banana ice cream, you’re now ready to indulge in its creamy goodness. Here are some serving and pairing suggestions that will perfectly complement the flavors of this dessert.

To enjoy this ice cream’s natural sweetness, pair it with fresh fruits like strawberry, raspberry or banana slices. You can also add nuts like roasted almonds or cashews for a bit of crunch.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try topping your vegan banana ice cream with some dark chocolate shavings, peanut butter or caramel sauce. The richness of these toppings will bring an amazing contrast to the lightness and freshness of the ice cream.

A great way to serve this banana ice cream is by turning it into a sundae. Add some coconut whipped cream and sprinkle some candied nuts or dried berries on top, and you’ve got yourself a creamy, refreshing treat.

You can also use this vegan banana ice cream as a base for your smoothie bowls. Simply blend it with almond milk and add your favorite toppings like granola, chia seeds, berries and sliced bananas for a more filling breakfast option.

Lastly, if you’re hosting a party, try using this delicious frozen treat as a filling in your cake layers. Sandwich it between chocolate cake layers for a vegan take on chocolate-banana ice cream cake that everyone will love!

No matter how you choose to serve it or pair it with other ingredients, this vegan banana ice cream is sure to impress!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

 If you think making ice cream is complicated, think again! This recipe is simple and quick.
If you think making ice cream is complicated, think again! This recipe is simple and quick.

When it comes to make-ahead options, this vegan banana ‘ice cream’ recipe is a winner. You can easily prepare it in advance and store it in an airtight container in the freezer. Just be sure to cover the container tightly to prevent any freezer burn.

If you plan on storing this for a longer period of time, I recommend using a separate container and placing it at the back of your freezer, where the temperature is more consistent. This will ensure that your ice cream stays frozen and fresh for up to three months.

When it’s time to reheat, this recipe requires no thawing time. Simply take the ice cream out of the freezer and let it sit at room temperature for 5-10 minutes. It will soften right up and be perfect for scooping.

Alternatively, you can process the frozen ice cream in a blender or food processor briefly before serving, which helps to soften it slightly and give it a smoother texture.

This recipe also makes for a great dessert crowd-pleaser. You can even premake individual servings by scooping the ice cream into muffin tins lined with parchment paper and freezing until solid. Once frozen, simply pop them out of the muffin tin and store them in an airtight container until ready to enjoy.

So go ahead and make this vegan banana ‘ice cream’ ahead of time knowing that you have options for reheating and storing.

Tips for Perfect Results

 When I am craving something sweet and cold, this vegan banana ice cream is my go-to dessert.
When I am craving something sweet and cold, this vegan banana ice cream is my go-to dessert.

Making vegan banana ‘ice cream’, also known as nice cream, is a straightforward process that almost anyone can handle. However, like most recipes, there are a few tips and tricks to enhance the flavor and texture of the final product. Whether you’re new to making vegan banana ice cream or have been whipping up batches for years, here are some easy-to-follow tips for perfect results every time.

First and foremost, ensure that your bananas are ripe before freezing. Not only do ripe bananas have a higher sugar content for added sweetness, but they blend smoother when frozen. Overripe bananas that are brown or spotty make the best choice, while underripe bananas may result in an icy or grainy texture.

When it comes to blending the frozen bananas, using a high-speed blender or food processor is crucial for achieving that creamy texture. If your blender or processor has a hard time blending the frozen bananas smoothly, try adding a splash of almond milk or another non-dairy milk to help loosen them up.

Another tip for perfect results is to experiment with different flavor variations. While this recipe calls for just three ingredients – frozen bananas, almond butter, and dates – you can easily switch things up by adding peanut butter, cocoa powder, raspberries, coconut milk, or any other mix-ins that fit your fancy.

Lastly, it’s essential to note that vegan banana ice cream does not store well in the freezer for extended periods. After freezing and thawing, it can become rock-hard and lose its creamy texture. For best results, enjoy your homemade nice cream immediately after making it or store it in an airtight container in the freezer for no more than a couple of hours before eating.

By following these tips and experimenting with different flavor options, you’ll be able to create the perfect vegan banana ice cream every time.


Now that you know how to make this delicious vegan banana “ice cream” recipe, let’s dive into some frequently asked questions that may come to your mind while preparing it or wanting to make some adjustments to your liking. Here are some commonly asked questions and their corresponding answers that will guide you towards the perfect banana nice cream experience.

How to make ice cream with banana only?

By freezing a banana until it’s hard and then blending it in a food processor or a blender, you can achieve a texture that’s similar to creamy and sticky custard ice cream.

Is banana ice cream healthier than regular ice cream?

According to a registered dietitian from Marshfield Clinic named Brittany Powelson, while ice cream is a classic summertime indulgence, it’s also high in added sugar. To satisfy your sweet tooth with a more nutritious option, banana ice cream is a fantastic alternative for both adults and kids. Not only is it lower in sugar, but it’s also abundant in fiber.

What is the benefit of banana ice cream?

This delectable Sugar-Free Banana Ice Cream recipe has an abundance of nutrients including vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. The addition of soaked dates provides a natural and healthy sweetness, while the dry fruits added at the end for garnishing are also good for your overall health. By enjoying this dessert, you can reap the benefits of improved energy levels, immunity, digestion and body protection.

What is banana ice cream made of?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create a plant-based version of ice cream, banana ice cream, also known as “nice cream,” is the perfect solution. With just one ingredient – bananas – this recipe can be whipped up easily in either a blender or a food processor, depending on your preferences and time constraints.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this vegan banana ‘ice cream’ recipe is not only delicious but also a healthy and guilt-free treat that you and your family will love. It’s a perfect alternative to traditional ice cream, especially for those who are dairy or gluten intolerant. With just a handful of simple ingredients, you can whip up this tasty treat in less than 5 minutes using a food processor or blender.

If you’re looking for a sweet and healthy way to satisfy your cravings, look no further than this amazing vegan banana ‘ice cream’ recipe. You won’t miss the dairy or gluten in this plant-based dessert. You could also experiment with substitutions and variations to explore new flavors like raspberry or peanut butter, making it even more fun to prepare and enjoy.

So next time you have some ripe bananas lying around or need a dairy-free, gluten-free alternative to ice cream, give this recipe a try. You will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to make, healthy it is to eat and how amazing it tastes!

Vegan Banana 'ice Cream' - Gluten Free

Vegan Banana 'ice Cream' - Gluten Free Recipe

Easy & so delicious!
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 0 mins
Calories 194.2 kcal


  • 2 bananas, sliced then frozen
  • 1 tablespoon almond butter
  • 4 dates, chopped


  • Place banana in a blender - (I use our Vitamin) & blend on 'frozen' setting until smooth.
  • Add dates & almond butter & blend.
  • Serve & enjoy! *Tip* - You may need to let it melt a bit to be able to remove completely from the blender.

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Serving: 140gCalories: 194.2kcalCarbohydrates: 39.1gProtein: 3.3gFat: 4.9gSaturated Fat: 0.5gSodium: 18.7mgFiber: 5gSugar: 23.8g
Keyword < 15 Mins, Easy, Free Of..., Healthy, Low Cholesterol, Low Protein, Vegan
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